TreeHugger is Stronghold Productions' mobile art car which will debut at Burning Man 2007.

Sound effects, olfactory elements, DJs, live music, and choreographed performance, and participant interaction will enhance the experience.

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The Treehugger is a forest on wheels. It has three distinct inhabitable areas:
Tree Hugger

1) The Forest: Replicas of Northwest tree species, plants, groundcover, and wildlife will be positioned on a steel and wood platform that flanks the exterior of the bus, mimicking a forest landscape and providing entry to the Lodge and Clear Cut Lounge.

2) The Lodge: The interior of the Treehugger will feature 1970as inspired, vintage kitsch dA{C}cor with authentic repurposed memorabilia and period accents. The majority of the interior will be natural or recycled goods from sustainable sources. The Lodge will serve water and other refreshing beverages day and night. Entry to the Clear Cut Lounge will be through the Lodge.

3) The Clear Cut Lounge: The upper deck of the Treehugger will house a performance area and will be an otherwise fallow landscape with a few individual trees and multiple stumps, highlighting the wrath of the logging industry.